Perfume worn by Lady Gaga And The reason why she loves Japan

Many people in the world loves her eccentric Performance.

She seems to be busy because she released a New Sinle “JOANNE” and she also visited Japan this year for promoting it.

This article show that her favorite perfume and the reason why she likes Japan with introducing her profile.

Lady Gaga Profile

NAME:Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Born:March 28, 1986 Manhattan, New York, U.S.



Major Work Examples:Poker Face、Perfect Illusion

The fragrance that Lady Gaga wear is produced by her own

The perfume that Lady Gaga wear is レディー・ガガ フェイム.

This fragrance was launched in 2012 and Japan was the first country to sell in the world at that time.

The Characteristic of that perfume is sweet-sour scent like casis or berry.

And one more speciality of this is color of perfume.

It is dark!!!

However if you push it, it change to be transparent.

If you love her, why don’t you try this fragrance.

The reason why Lady Gaga is favor Japan

Lady Gaga has been to Japan many many time.

Therefore it is said that she loves Japan.

On the other hand, she had not refer to the reason clearly.

I think that she like Japanese tendency of sympathy.

Compassion, politeness and sympathy are one of the character of japanese.

Lady Gaga have experience of tease in her school age.

So I wonder she love Japanese that can understand the situation about weak people.

In fact, her most favorite stylist is also Japanese.

She told about her in the interview that she respects her stylist because of her politeness.


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